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Friday, April 16, 2010

layer lost

i used two programs with this one...the first program was only a free trial (called ArtRage) so thats why i used two programs. with the trial version i wasn't able to use the layers. i tryed to touch it up in photoshop :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Layer Sky

I did this one this past week...when i was doing this one, i didn't like the pink in the beginning. there are so many layers in this you can't see...40 minutes into this drawing, it still looked like crap...this i spent an hour and a half on drawing this.


i love this one.... photoshop so awsome

photoshop bordom

Sun sky

i did the lighting effect in photoshop

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unfinished attempt

Lion Sketch

When I did this one, I copyed it from a book that I had bought from International Airport when i went Africa.


This design reminds me of my mom.
makes me wish i was well in english, don't think i'd ever pass a provincial exam for 12. lot of poetry terminology that i was never able to remember?

Raven Sketch

dodull bored

Sun Canvas

This is my very first painting i've done....this canvas is about 16x36 inch's

Unfinished Frog

When i was doing frogs, i could never get the body porportions right....kinda ironic my mom never did like it's been nine years now for my mom...i'll get the porportions right, hopefuly

Grizzly Bear

really like this one too....there is a Raven on the back, on the chest and on the right leg..then there's the Eagle on left bottom side, for his legs. there's a face on side, that i never discided what it was...i was thinking of some kind of super natural being. because of the wings from the raven thats on the back also look like hair from the face thats on the side.


I really like this we have the Sun and Raven, the Raven is sitting on the Sun...if you notice the legs rap around the cheeks of sun on both sides.

Eagle 3


In lot of my designs i love doing my art work with the togues sticking out.

Sun Travel

This one was actually done on computer, thats why the sun rays are so sequenced.
I was privallege! to go to Toront for a film fest. Late fall 2008. A big Thanks to NFB for there workshops that i was able attend.
I almost discided not to attend the first so glad i did.


With lot of these designs, i wish i could silk screen them!

Killer Whales

I started painting this one on a canvas

Eagle 2

i used photoshop for most of these drawings to make darker, because of the pencil not being dark enough.

Single Line Grid

I never did finish this one